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Dr. Nicholas Rolnick, PT, MS, CSCS

Co-Founder/Owner, Clinical Instructor The BFR PROS


Nick Rolnick, AKA The Human Performance Mechanic is a world-class Physical Therapist & Performance Enhancement Specialist and is quickly establishing a reputation as a leading international authority in Blood Flow Restriction.

He has had an interest in sports and performance from his days as captain of his college baseball team at Franklin & Marshall, where he achieved all-conference honors, to his more recent pursuits as a men’s physique competitor. Since graduating with an M.S. in Health Promotion Management from American University, Nick realized his love for fitness with his passion to help others by earning a Doctorate in Physical Therapy at Columbia University with honors.

Nick teaches Kinesiology I & II in the MS Applied Exercise Science Program at Concordia University, Chicago and undergraduate Kinesiology at Lehmann College, Bronx NY.

He helped found THE BFR PROS to further his mission of making the world a better place by helping people get back to the activities they love as quickly as possible and experiencing the joy of pain-free movement™ through evidence-based therapies like BFR-Blood Flow Restriction!

Nick teaches BFR Workshops across Europe including, France, Switzerland, Belgium & Italy. The demand for his expertise as a Speaker in BFR (Blood Flow Restriction) continues to grow in places such as London (Nov 28 & 29, 2019), Paris (Jan - 2020) and The NSCA 2020 National Conference in Las Vegas (July 2020).



The Human performance Mechanic

"The Mission of THPM is to help everyone experience the Joy of Pain-Free Movement through world class Physical Therapy & Personal Training."


Marty Rolnick

Philosopher-Marketing Lunatic-Ideaholic


Marty is a philosopher, marketing lunatic, and ideaholic whose craft is all about the conceiving and spreading of sustainable ideas. He’s an Idealist who believes the best solutions are those where all stakeholders benefit.

Marty’s played many different roles throughout his life including father, athlete, corporate executive and entrepreneur.

He’s also a teacher, coach and mentor who helps small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

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